Renewable Renewable


Going Green

With the increase in demand for energy arise new climate issues, causing global demand to shift towards climate friendly solutions and technologies. 
Our company believes in a greener future, investing towards sustainability and offsetting carbon footprint.

Solar/PV/PVT Solutions

Our company has vast history within supplying photovoltaic (PV) and photovoltaic thermal (PVT) solutions. The company has built 1268 Mw till now, using proprietary knowledge, technology and IP (29 US & PCT/PATENTS), providing us with a significant technological advantage. 
Our PV and PVT solutions increase the output and efficiency of the solar panels, while providing the users additional benefits as byproducts to the process.  

Battery Storage Solutions

Our Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) offer a variety of clients new opportunities to store energy and enjoy a backup for their systems. Our BESS help the utility combat peak shaving, storing during low peak and releasing during high peak hours. In addition, users can back up their existing energy during times of energy instability.
We offer financing solutions for your storage needs.

Waste to Energy

The growing quantities of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a major ecological issue. Landfills, the most popular solution to date, are polluting our land, water and air and are a major contributor to global warming.
We deliver an innovative process for separating and recycling mixed MSW in an ecological and efficient way. With ZERO emissions and an innovative, patented process, we are able to produce energy from waste.